Monday, January 18, 2010

Outside the Obama Rally

Yesterday, I attempted to see President Obama speak at Northeastern University.

Well, the same was true with several thousand other people. By the time I arrived at the campus I had to walk along Huntington Avenue turn onto Gainsborough Street where I saw a necklace form on St. Botolph Street which led back onto Gainsborough where I found the end of the line with more people coming by the minute.

Since this was a rally for Coakley her signs outnumbered Brown's but they were there. In fact, when one woman came around with a Brown sign a group of women began chanting, "Martha for Massachusetts." But this lasted no more than about 15 seconds. Most people were there to see President Obama.

Not surprisingly I didn't get anywhere near Cabot Hall. You would think they would have had auxiliary seating where a video feed of the speech could have a provided to accommodate an overflow crowd.

No matter. It doesn't appear I missed much.

But, of course, the $64.37 question is will it be enough help Coakley on Tuesday? If it does, the liberal media will credit him for saving the race. If it doesn't, they'll blame Coakley for being a lousy candidate.

Philip Klein of The American Spectator advises caution citing the 2008 New Hampshire Democratic Primary in which Obama appeared to have had won by double digits. But then lo and behold Hillary Clinton had a new lease on life.

Democrats might not have a great deal of enthusiasm for Coakley. But the thought of what was Ted Kennedy's seat going Republican might be enough for Democrats to trudge in the snow and cast a ballot for her with one hand while holding their nose with the other.

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