Friday, January 15, 2010

Coakley to Obama: Please Come to Boston

President Obama is coming to Boston on Sunday to campaign for Martha Coakley.

Consider for a moment what I wrote here a mere ten days ago:

Unless Coakley stumbles badly in her upcoming debates with Brown (and Libertarian candidate Joe Kennedy - no relation to the Kennedy clan) then she has little to worry about. If she does stumble badly then look for the Democrats to send in the heavy hitters (i.e. Kerry, Hillary Clinton and perhaps President Obama himself.) Coakley after all would represent the Democrats' 60th vote in the Senate. If there's any danger of Coakley losing the Democrats will pull out all the stops for her.

Well, Coakley did stumble badly in her debates with Brown. In fact, she has been stumbling everywhere she goes. And when she doesn't stumble she has people who will arrange for it to happen.

Now all the stops are being pulled out for her and the heaviest hitter of all is being sent to the plate.

Will Obama hit it over the Green Monster at Fenway? Or will he swing and miss?

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