Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ABC Cancels "Ugly Betty"

I have just read that ABC has cancelled Ugly Betty and that the series finale will air in April.

With this in mind here's an article I wrote about the show's lead actress America Ferrera in March 2007.

She had made some remarks at an awards show that America would be the land of the free again once George W. Bush left office. I saw fit to offer a friendly critique:

America Ferrera is, of course, entitled to her point of view about America. She is entitled to believe that President Bush has made America less free. She is entitled to believe that America will become freer once he has left office. She is entitled to vote for anyone she chooses. Or she can choose not to vote at all. But if Ferrera had made such remarks about Chavez in Venezuela or Mugabe in Zimbabwe there is a good chance that she would be sitting in a jail cell or staring at the end of a loaded gun instead of shooting a new episode of Ugly Betty or attending USC. America Ferrera just doesn’t know how good she has it in America.

Curiously, I pretty much stopped watching the show after that.

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