Friday, January 29, 2010

Roeder Convicted of Dr. Tiller's Murder

A jury in Wichita took less than 45 minutes to convict Scott Roeder for the murder of abortion provider Dr. Goerge Tiller last May. To be exact, Roeder was convicted of first degree murder and two counts of aggravated assault. He is due to be sentenced on March 9th.

After Roeder was charged with Tiller's murder I wrote that he should be executed for his crime as Paul Hill was in Florida in 2003 for the 1994 murders of Dr. John Britton and his bodyguard James Barrett. The death penalty, however, has been taken off the table. But the Sedgwick County DA is hoping Roeder is sentenced to life in prison without being eligible for parole for 50 years.

By his actions, Scott Roeder is not and will never be a person who can be described as pro-life.

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