Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cahill Speaks Out Against Both Obamacare & MassCare

Massachusetts State Treasurer and independent gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill has come out against both Obamacare and MassCare, the universal health care program here in the Bay State. Cahill said if Obamacare is modeled after MassCare (which was started by then Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney) that it "would wipe out the American economy within four years." It could be that said that MassCare might lead to a "massacare."

After speaking with Cahill during a conference call W. James Antle, Associate Editor of The American Spectator wrote:

Politically, this not only lets Cahill tap into the anti-health care bill sentiment that helped elect Scott Brown to the Senate. It actually puts him to the right of Brown -- and Mitt Romney -- by marking him as an opponent of the Massachusetts health care reform.

I would take it one step further. It would also place Cahill to the right of Republican gubernatorial hopeful Charlie Baker. Although Baker is critical of the way Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has implemented MassCare he is supportive of MassCare in general.

According to the Charlie Baker 2010 Governor website, "Health care reform in Massachusetts was a strong step in the right direction." Given Baker's support of Romney's efforts, Cahill has placed Baker in a difficult position where it concerns MassCare. It should be noted that until last year, Charlie Baker was the CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and had been in that role for more than a decade.

At this point, I am undecided as to who I'm going to vote for in the Massachusetts gubernatorial race. Now I know I'm not casting a ballot for Deval Patrick. But just because Baker or Christy Mihos has an R in front of their name doesn't automatically ensure my vote. Today's statement by Cahill will give Republican voters in Massachusetts pause to entertain Cahill as their champion. Consider the words of South Shore Republican who sings the praises of Cahill on The Red Mass Group:

My point is this, fiscal conservatives have a viable choice in Tim Cahill if they have the intellectual maturity/imagination to step outside of the Republican box and support someone who has offered leadership on an issue of critical importance to both our Commonwealth and Republic. If Cahill isn't their choice though, they must insist that Baker do the same thing as Cahill has done and come out in opposition to this monstrosity (it'll be a lot easier now, and they can thank Tim for that). I know I'm with a candidate who was willing to take a stand and make a difference on the national stage by saying the Massachusetts Healthcare law has no clothes, but other conservatives have to make a decision soon. If Baker is too much the product of the HealthCare Industrial Complex (as evident in his prolific fundraising from these folks) to take on the machine and follow the lead of Tim Cahill in opposing Obamacare, then he simply doesn't deserve the support of conservatives.

Again I'm still undecided. But unless conservatives rally behind one candidate or the other it might very well grant Patrick a second term in office.

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