Monday, March 8, 2010

Police Investigate Dehydration Death in UK Hospital

This is absolutely bloody awful.

Last May, a 22-year-old man named Kane Gorny was admitted to St. George's Hospital in South London for hip replacement surgery. Hospital staff would never bother to administer him with any medication much less water. Three days later Gorny would die of dehydration.

The coroner investigating Gorny's death has now referred the matter to the police who may charge the hospital with manslaughter. Ironically, Gorny contacted police during his stay at St. George's in an effort to get a glass of water. Unfortunately for Gorny, hospital staff were able to convince the police that Gorny was receiving the proper care. Gorny would die less than 24 hours later.

To add insult to injury Gorny's mother said, 'When I went back to the hospital I was told that all the nurses had been offered counselling as they were so traumatised, but nothing was offered to me."

I came pretty close to moving to Britain. Thank goodness I didn't because I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of Britannia Hospital. It doesn't exactly inspire confidence in Britain's National Health Service. So why does President Obama want to import it here?

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