Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Code Pink Disrupts Rove Book Signing

A talk given by Karl Rove in Beverly Hills in support of his book Courage & Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight was disrupted by protesters from the anti-American group Code Pink.

Jodie Evans, one of Code Pink's co-founders, approached the former top advisor to President Bush with handcuffs and attempted to make what she described as "a citizen's arrest."

For all the criticism that has been leveled against Tea Party activists I don't see any of them disrupting speeches by left-wing public officials in this manner.

One sentence from the account of the incident provided by CBS irked me:

A riled-up Rove may have added to the chaos.

Oh really now? And what does Katie Couric and company think Rove should have done under the circumstances? Somehow I can't imagine the likes of either David Axelrod or Rahm Emanuel having reacted much differently. Nor could I imagine CBS blaming them for adding to the chaos.

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