Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Did Bunning Throw a Brushback Pitch?

Over at The American Spectator, Jeri Thompson praises Senator Jim Bunning's recent (and I might I add successful) filibuster on unemployment benefits, COBRA and other federal programs.

Fortunately, Bunning's objections were specifically focused and this filibuster lasted only a couple of days. If it had lingered it would have hurt Republicans in the long term. The reason I make this point is because Bunning is not seek re-election this fall. If Bunning were running again Democrats would seize on this from now until November. Simply put I don't think Bunning would have taken this stand if he were seeking re-election. What does a politician gain from going after people's pocketbooks? Unless he's not going before the voters then absolutely nothing.

There isn't exactly any love lost between Bunning and Senate Minority Leader (and fellow Kentuckian) Mitch McConnell. So Bunning doesn't exactly care if McConnell sweats a little. He does not have any stake in the outcome of this fall's elections regardless of his conservative credentials. Bunning would have held out for as long as it was going to take. It would have been of no consequence to him. The Hall of Fame pitcher was throwing brush back pitches to McConnell and Harry Reid alike. Bunning established his part of the plate and they got the message - for now.

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