Monday, March 8, 2010

Obama is a Liar and a Fool!

and he takes us all for chumps!

He says doctors and nurses should make medical decisions, not insurance executives. I agree!, except his plan would replace government bureaucrats for insurance execs. If you do not believe me, read the 2400 page Senate health bill. It is chock full of examples of what treatments and protocols must and must not be offered in health plans. It gives the Secretary of Health and Human Services, the President’s political appointee, unprecedented authority to decide treatment protocols, not just for plans offered within the insurance exchanges, but for ALL insurance plans offered throughout the United States. If you do not believe me, read the bill! Sarah Palin was ridiculed for claiming the bills contained ‘death panels’. If you are dying of cancer and some government bureaucrat decides you cannot get life-saving medicine because they would rather spend the money on some government subsidy, you tell me what to call it!

Obama repeated his claim, ‘if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” THAT IS A LIE!!!!, an outright baldfaced lie! There are many plans currently in existence that will not qualify under all of the new regulation. If you are on ANY of those plans and you like it, tough luck! Obama claims you will get a better deal in the health exchange. Maybe, maybe not. That is hardly the point! Obama’s claim is patently false! and he knows it! He admitted it publicly at the health summit last week. OBAMA DOES NOT CARE! He repeated the patent baldfaced lie today! right at the top of his speech. If we cannot trust the President of the United States to tell us the truth when he is selling health reform, how can we trust him to deliver on his promises after it has passed?

Obama claims health reform money is “not spent wisely” and his plan will do a better job. For anyone who ever had any doubt, Obama is telling you straight up! He knows how to spend your money better than you do!

Obama claims his plan is “paid for.” Through massive tax increases both direct and indirect in an economy with double digit unemployment, yes. If anyone thinks that the taxes levied on the insurancecompanies, the pharmaceutical companies and the medical device companies will not be passed on to them, they are dreaming! That is not even mentioning the revenue double counting and other accounting gimmicks including treating the “doctor’s fix” separately in order to arrive at this fictitious number. It is shocking that Bernie Madoff goes to jail for 100 years but Obama, Reid and Pelosi walk the streets for the same sham accounting!

Obama claims his plan will strengthen Medicare. If taking $500 billion dollars strengthens a program that is currently broke, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. Further, Obama’s plan does NOTHING! to deal with the over-billing that occurs in the private health insurance market because Medicare does not reimburse medical service providers for the actual cost of providing care.

Obama claims Republican proposals “tinker at the edges.” If opening the insurance market to REAL interstate competition so if your insurance company raises your rates you can shop for a new policy is “tinkering at the edges,” then the nicotine from all those cigarettes Obama smokes is destroying his cognitive abilities. That is to say nothing of the “tinkering” that his malpractice reform studies will perform as compared to REAL malpractice reform.

Obama is not lying about two things though. This vote, unlike any that Congress has ever taken, is about both “life and death decisions” and “what country we want to be.” If we want to become the country where the federal government MANDATES what insurance we must buy and how much we must pay for it, where government bureaucrats ration care in order to lower cost, then Congress should support the President’s proposal. However, if Members of Congress want to STAND UP and say we live in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and are not some socialist or communist dictatorship! they should STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!

Obama asked incredulously if we think his health plan is some “Bolshevik Plot?” Yes Mr Presdient, we do!

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