Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eric Tunney, 1964-2010. R.I.P.

Comedian Eric Tunney was found dead in his apartment in Windsor, Ontario on Sunday. He was 45. The cause of death is unknown.

Most of you will have never heard of Eric Tunney. But he was one of a very long line of comedians Canada has produced. If you lived in southern Ontario in the early 1990s, you probably saw him host Ed The Sock (I kid you not) or in a comedy club or in the occasional TV commercial.

Like many Canadian comedians he made his way to Hollywood but unlike Rich Little, Jim Carrey or Howie Mandel he didn't find himself in the company of success. Oh, he guest hosted NBC's Later and did a short lived TV show on FOX with Terry Bradshaw. But he would return to Canada about a decade ago with little to show for his efforts. The breakup of a marriage and a drinking problem didn't help matters.

Here are some kind words for Tunney here. There's a video link to one of his stand up routines but apparently it doesn't work outside of Canada. Perhaps it's only fitting.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should check your facts before you blog about someone. You are nothing more than a gossip with too much time on your hands. You are offensive.

Anonymous said...

Published with blog owner approval? So much for free speech. I look forward to meeting you someday.

Anonymous said...

i would also like to clear up that eric tunney did not commit suicide

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous. Thanks... I'm MAC.

Dude Host AssHead Puss; you are horrible with fact checking. Even dead, Eric wipes his ass with the likes of you. Meet the Bros. Man. We're itching for it! Can't wait!

Aaron Goldstein said...

Having re-read my post I can see how I might have left the impression that Eric Tunney committed suicide. As such I have modified my original post to specifically indicate no cause of death is known.

If I have written something that is factually incorrect then please by all means let me know.

However, there is simply no need to use foul and obscene language. Given that Tunney avoided using such language in his comedy act I am not sure how using it here honors his memory.

DJ said...

I attended F.J. Brennan High School with Eric, he was very fascinated with the works of Steve Martin (Late 1979 into early 80's...whoa cat juggling..) I just plugged his name into the internet tonight June 4 2011 to find a huge funny man has left us. We were only born a month apart in the same city and I understand the feelings of rejection, especially in the matters of divorce. Thank you Eric for being a funny and bright example of what a Windsorite can achieve when we believe wholehearedly in ourselves.... Rest In Peace - Don De Mers