Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No Free Speech for Coulter at The University of Ottawa

Well, I guess Canadian college campuses can't countenance Ann Coulter.

At least not at the University of Ottawa.

Over at The American Spectator, Robert Stacy McCain informs us Coulter was prevented from entering Marion Hall because students were surrounding it.

Now, I've been to Marion Hall. It's a pretty large building. Clearly, there are some at the U of O who are really determined to keep people with different ideas off campus.

For her part, Coulter says this is the first time in all her years in public speaking that she has been prevented entry on a college campus. But it isn't the first time a conservative has been prevented from speaking at a Canadian university. In September 2002, Benjamin Netanyahu (who was then Israel's Minister of Foreign Affairs) was prevented from speaking at Concordia University in Montreal by violent Palestinian protesters. So let's just say Bibi is well prepared to handle the disrespect shown him by the Obama Administration.

Shame on both the administration and students at the University of Ottawa for their closed mindedness. If you don't like Coulter do what Fatima al-Dhaher, a Muslim student at the University of Western Ontario in London did. She asked her a question. I know, I know. That's pretty radical thinking these days.

As for Coulter perhaps she'll have better luck tomorrow night at the University of Calgary. Alberta is Canada's bastion of conservatism and I suspect she will receive a warm dose of Western Canadian hospitality.

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