Friday, March 12, 2010

Is Palin The Reason Betty White is Hosting SNL?

Does Betty White owe her career revival to dissing Sarah Palin on late night TV during the 2008 election campaign?

In an article appearing on, Mary Elizabeth Williams writes of White, There's something about the incongruity of a nice old lady being so tough, so dirty-mouthed, that makes for reliable comedy. One need only hear her refer to Sarah Palin as a "crazy bitch" to be smitten."

I must confess. I did not know the former Golden Girls had spoken about Palin in that way until now. But Palin is such a lightning rod it is easy to overlook the pantheon of public figures who have a made a point of being derogatory towards her.

Now there are those who might chide me for not having a sense of humor. But would Ms. Williams have been so smitten with Betty White had she called Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi or Rachel Maddow "a crazy bitch"?

If she had she certainly wouldn't be hosting Saturday Night Live.


Unknown said...

I had the same thought when I saw her in that Super Bowl ad.. It seems to be a way to enhance one's acting career these days. Proving once again that Hollywood is devoid of creativity and full of angry leftist.

Anonymous said...

really sad that betty has to resort to that type of insensitive humor.