Friday, October 10, 2008

AFP conference: Goofy

Am sitting in the Sam Adams Alliance Blogivists Samsphere session, listening to their person formerly known as a "community organizer" discuss the online success of, which now has 3.2 million members. According to the former community organizer, who is really entertaining,'s formula is groupthink, and they apparently have total unemployment because they're always online and protesting something. What characterizes them is a weird emotional instability disproportionately affected by political losses. Like Alex Baldwin saying he'd move to Canada if Bush got elected but unfortunately he didn't. They have a collective desire to work for "change," whatever that means. They share a willingness to do seemingly stupid and pointless things with those likeminded friends, in pursuit of "change" and idealistic goals in order to garner media attention.

So....we're supposed to emulate them?

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