Saturday, October 11, 2008

Compilation of coverage of the AFP conference

I've tried to compile most of the coverage on the web among the blogs of the AFP conference. Faustus has quite a few posts on the conference, including pictures, a Fox News clip, and coverage of John Fund's specialty on voter fraud and Acorn. The Republic of Dave has a good discussion of what it was like for bloggers at the conference. Pete from Arizona posting on Sonoran Alliance discussed AZ AFP Director's criticism of Governor Napolitano. SWAC Girl posted some pics from the rally at the Capitol. Maggie Thurber of Thurber's Thoughts was awarded the AFP blogger of the year, which was well-deserved considering she's probably posted more about the conference than any of the rest of us bloggers. Independent Political Report has posted a couple s der's look at the bloggers. The Heritage Foundation posted a blog about conservatism's foray into the blog world. Human Events ran a full story on the conference, focusing on the Tribute to Reagan dinner. Conservatives with Attitude/ has been steadily blogging throughout the conference. Here's a link to some pictures from the conference. Here's even more. Aakash of University blog has some of the most humorous posts.

Now this is kinda funny, bloggers taking videos of other bloggers blogging from Fort Hard Knox who is using Web 2.0.

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