Friday, October 3, 2008

Biden better candidate for than VP

I had a hard time focusing on the substance of the VP debate last night because I couldn't stop starting at Biden's botched plastic surgery. His eyes were slanted up on the sides, clearly from a facelift, pulled so tightly his eyes were rather slitty, his right eye in particular. His forehead was completely smooth, even when he laughed, wrinkling up his cheeks, his forehead didn't move. Check out for an amusing expose of celebrities with bad plastic surgery that will enlighten you on how to recognize such.

Note the eyes slanting up on the sides, and the slightly narrower right eye
Here he is having difficulty keeping his right eye open very far
His forehead doesn't have a single wrinkle, even though he is laughing really hard. Most people older than 30 have visible laugh lines on their forehead when they laugh.
Another shot of his eyes slanting up on the sides

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