Friday, October 10, 2008

AFP: Web 2.0 - where it's now at for us online politicos

Second day of the Americans for Prosperity Conference. I talked to Ralph Benko who just finished the groundbreaking online free book, "How to create communities of thousands, even millions, and channel their energy to effect political, social and cultural transformation." He spent two years studying the success of and reveals its secrets to success. Most political bloggers (including myself) are still stuck in Web 1.0 mode, which he describes as 99% "talk" and 1% listening. He said the way to increase your traffic and influence is Web 2.0 mode, which is 99% listening and 1% talk. Instead of putting information out there mainly for people to read, you need to create ways for them to interact and provide their own input easier. Just adding comments after articles no longer cuts it. You need to create online communities, like the free easy-to-use online communities provided by, sort of like the blogs anyone can create on now but even better. Benko has created, which is a forum to help get citizens get control of their county political party committees. One new group that has been very successful is, for fans of Sarah Palin. At a minimum, join facebook and start some groups. Next step - team Coalition for a Conservative Majority up with Benko's online efforts....

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