Friday, October 24, 2008

Bloomberg to Seek Third Term as NYC Mayor; NYC Council Overturns Term Limits

Yesterday, New York City Council gave Michael Bloomberg its blessing for him to seek a third term. By a 29-22 vote, Bloomberg will once again seek election as New York City Mayor in November 2009.

In so doing, New York City Council gave the electorate the middle finger. Twice in the 1990s, New York City voters said they wanted term limits on their Mayor.

Funny, when it was even hinted that Rudy Giuliani might want to seek a third term after the September 11th attacks, the liberal media was aghast. But with Bloomberg it barely registers a yawn.

Yes, Bloomberg was elected as a Republican in 2001 and 2005 but he was a RINO. Bloomberg only ran as a Republican because he would never won the Democratic Primary in NYC despite his billions. Bloomberg quit the Republican Party in 2007. It briefly fuelled speculation he might become a Presidential candidate.

Bloomberg has some admirable qualities. After one suicide bomb attack on a bus in Israel, he flew there the next day to ride the bus route in solidarity with the victims of that act of terrorism.

However, Bloomberg should abide by the rules. After all, let's say he is re-elected next year. What's to prevent Bloomberg from seeking a fourth term in 2013, a fifth term and beyond.

If New York voters wanted to rescind term limits that would be one thing. If the people of New York wanted to elect their Mayor indefinitely so be it. But the people of New York have clearly stated they want term limits. The arrogance of Bloomberg and the defiance of the will of the people by the 29 New York City Councillors is contemptible. They behave this way at their own peril.

The best way for New Yorkers to show their contempt for this illegitimacy is for them to not to re-elect Bloomberg next year.

Of course, in order to do that there will have to be someone brave enough to run against him and have the gravitas to beat him.

Can you say Rudy?

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