Thursday, October 30, 2008

McCain & Obama to Appear on Monday Night Football

The night before the election both John McCain and Barack Obama will appear in pre-recorded interviews on ESPN's Monday Night Football during half time of the Pittsburgh Steelers-Washington Redskins game. Both interviews will be conducted by longtime ESPN analyst Chris Berman.

Frankly, I think most people will be watching football to get away from politics. Methinks a lot of people will be heading for the refrigerator at the end of the second quarter.

On the other hand, it is fitting the Steelers should be playing this night of all nights. You can bet all of Pittsburgh and much of western Pennsylvania will be tuned into the game and if there are some undecided amongst them they'll be watching. One must also consider that the most recent Monday night game between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots attracted almost 11 million viewers. ( So if there's an opportunity for McCain to intercept the ball from Obama this is surely it. O.K., that analysis might be a Hail Mary on my part but McCain...could...go...all...the...way!

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