Sunday, October 19, 2008

Palin on SNL

I, like millions of other Americans, saw the two Palin bits on SNL last night.

I liked her interaction with Alec Baldwin who was trashing Palin thinking he was standing next to Tina Fey. When Lorne Michaels informed Baldwin it was the genuine article he said that she looked much hotter in person. Palin replied that Stephen Baldwin was her favorite Baldwin.

It is interesting to note that the AP described Palin as "mute."

Some will never be pleased.

Palin return for Weekend Update where she was supposed to do a skit but said she wouldn't but it crossed the line. Amy Poehler did it instead and it was a rap featuring Eskimoes, dancing moose and a faux Todd Palin. Sarah Palin just grooved with it and looked good doing it. I suspect most people will remember that she was there and were happy to see her. Even Democrats.

If SNL gets an Emmy next year they should share it with Palin because she has single handedly revived interest in a long moribund and stagnate show.

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