Monday, October 27, 2008

Biden Blasts Florida News Anchor

At a rally in North Carolina, Joe Biden attacked Orlando TV news anchor Barbara West:

I was on a television station the other day doing a satellite feed to a major network in Florida, and the anchor quotes Karl Marx, and says in a sense, "Isn't Barack Obama Karl Marx?" You know, I mean, folks, this stuff you're hearing in this campaign, some of it's pretty ugly. And some of the innuendo is pretty ugly." (

How is asking a question pretty ugly? Where's the innuendo? West wasn't comparing Obama to Marx on a personal level but on a political and economic one. West asked about Obama's policy of "spreading the wealth." Those were Obama's words to Joe the Plumber. Those wee Obama's words when he spoke with Chicago Public Radio in 2001. Redistribution is a key tenet of socialism. Why not ask about Marx? Perhaps Biden would have been preferred West to compare Obama's policies to that of former British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock.

Heaven help anyone who dare speaketh frankly with an Obama-Biden Administration be they reporters or plumbers.

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