Monday, October 13, 2008

McCain in Fighting Mode, I Hope

After stating that Americans had nothing to fear from an Obama Presidency, John McCain is finding his fighting spirit.

Yesterday, he told his volunteers he was going to whip Obama's "you know what" in Wednesday's third debate. It's the right thing to say. If I had just told voters they had nothing to fear if my opponent were elected what is the point of my volunteers committing their time and energy for me? I just finished watching C-SPAN's coverage of a speech he gave in Virginia Beach. It wasn't anything he said in particular but the tone of the speech is different than what we've normally seen. Remember when McCain got energized at the end of his acceptance speech at the RNC? That was what this speech was like from start to finish.

I just hope McCain can sustain this energy not only in the debate with Obama but in his appearance on Letterman the following night. Letterman has been giving McCain jazz about cancelling an appearance on his show last month. Ironically, McCain announced the launch of his Presidential bid on Letterman in March 2007.

Optimally, McCain needs to knock out Obama. At the very minimum, he must leave Obama bloodied and battered. Or force him to make a mistake. The bottom line is that McCain must raise doubts about Obama's ability to lead and the soundness of his judgment. If Bill Ayers is discussed, McCain should also discuss John Lewis and ask Obama if he thinks he agrees with Lewis' comparison of him and Palin to George Wallace. He's got to keep up the pressure on Obama.

McCain should also put up his dukes with Letterman as well if Letterman gets snarky with him. If McCain does well on Wednesday an appearance on Letterman could reinforce such strength especially if he gives as good as he gets from Letterman.

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