Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Suggestion For a Sarah Palin SNL Skit That Would Never Air

In between innings of the Cubs-Dodgers game, I caught the opening skit of SNL and sure enough Tina Fey reprised her role as the GOP V-P nominee doing a spoof of Thursday's V-P debate with Joe Biden with Queen Latifah playing Gwen Ifill.

Despite Palin's strong showing in the debate, Fey and SNL insist on portraying Palin as a vacuous dimwit. The skit was written from a point of view of Upper West Side liberals who deem anyone outside the Boston-New York beltway as a moron. For her part Fey stated backstage at the Emmys, "I want to be done playing this lady November 5th. So if anyone could help me be done playing this lady November 5, that would be good for me."

Well, isn't that special? I guess we know who Ms. Fey will be voting for on November 4th.

I think that America should elect McCain-Palin for no other reason than to make Tina Fey's life a living hell.

It's a shame she views Palin with such derision because she can do a lot with Palin, the facets of her personality and the situations in which she could find herself. Even if Fey doesn't like Palin 's politics she obviously resonates with enough people where she could do a skit that draws on Palin's strengths which include her affect on the male species. Which brings me to my idea for an Sarah Palin SNL Skit that would never air.

Much is said about Sarah Palin's lack of foreign policy experience. But it is also worth noting the world leaders she met during the opening of the UN General Assembly last month were charmed by her especially Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari.

So I could imagine a scene with Palin as VP meets with several world leaders past and present such as Zardari, Putin, French President Sarkozy and for good measure we could thrown in some of our own like Henry Kissinger and Bill Clinton. They are all so taken in by her charms that they start fighting over her through song. Zardari could sing "Sarah" by Starship while Sarkozy could sing "Thank Heaven For Little Girls" much to the dismay of Carla Bruni. Clinton and Kissinger would sing a duet, "Just The Two Of Us" while Putin, unable to sing, would play the theme of "From Russia With Love."

Of course, Palin would reject all her suitors for "my guy Todd" and then war would break out to which Palin would reply, "Oh, doggone it. You guys are being silly." Whereupon hearing that the men would meekly comply and cease fighting.

Yes, I know such a skit would never hit live air before November 4th.

But maybe it would if Palin gets elected.

America let's work together to make sure Tina Fey plays Palin for many, many years to come.

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