Thursday, October 9, 2008

McCain Puts Out Obama-Ayers Ad

John McCain has put out an ad on Barack Obama's relationship with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers. The ad can be found at

Naturally, Obama accuses McCain of trying to score cheap political points. But there's nothing cheap about the company one keeps. The fact that Obama chose to associate with the likes of Wright and Ayers is an indication he shares their values. Why else would Obama take our soldiers in Afghanistan to task for "air raiding villages and killing civilians."?

Of course, will enough voters have second thoughts about Obama to reconsider their vote? It remains to be seen. In a dire economic situation, many Americans might put aside whatever reservations they have about Obama and cast a ballot for him anyway. This however remains to be seen.

But since McCain has now put out an ad on Obama's connection with Ayers this will have to be discussed at McCain-Obama III next Wednesday. Obama, of course, can say Ayers was closer to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and other distinguished persons. An appropriate response for McCain is, "They are not running for President. Senator Obama, I am disappointed in your judgment. You are not the person I knew in 2004." While a knockout punch by McCain would be great even a stumble or wobble in Obama's knees will germinate the seeds of doubt amongst some voters.

The bottom line is that under no circumstances can McCain back down on Ayers now. Otherwise he simply doesn't look credible nor would he appear to want to win the White House. This is not the time to act deferentially to Obama. After all, Obama is someone who has no trouble associating with Ayers, Wright and others who hold this country in utter contempt. That is simply not acceptable in a Commander in Chief.

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