Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crittenden's Cretinist Remarks About Palin

Danielle Crittenden has become the latest in a line of conservatives who have come to publicly view Sarah Palin with derision and disdain. In her latest article on The Huntington Post, that bastion of conservative thought, Crittenden writes:

It's as plain as day - glaringly obvious! - that she's unfit for the job she's running for.

Well, it's not obvious to me. Nor is it obvious to the thousands upon thousands of everyday Americans, many of whom have never attended a political rally in their lives, to come hear her speak.

If Crittenden objects to Palin so be it. But I need more than a declaration that she's unfit for the job. Why is she unfit? Why is it glaringly obvious that's she unfit when many others disagree? Has she talked with either Frank Murkowski or Tony Knowles about their impressions of Palin?Crittenden doesn't see fit to answer those questions. Instead, she sees fit to call those who counterargue Obama's lack of experience as nothing more than "an argument you can make without having graduated elementary school." Given Crittenden's cretinist arguments I cannot help but think that she speaks from personal experience.

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