Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ahmadinejad: Obama=Bush

If this doesn't give President Obama second thoughts about his engagement policy with Iran then I'm afraid nothing will.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today accused President Obama of meddling in Iran's "elections." So much for Obama assertion that the U.S. shouldn't "meddle." We'll get a meddle whether we like it or not.

If Obama thought John McCain was mocking him, Ahmadinejad took it to a whole other level:

Do you think that this kind of behavior is going to solve any of your problems? It will only make people think you are someone like Bush. You are at the beginning of your way and you are gaining experience, and we do not wish the scandals of the Bush era to be repeated during your term of office.

Obama=Bush? If only it were true. But being compared to Bush has got to be the ultimate dagger in the heart for Obama. Especially coming from Ahmadinejad. Note how Ahmadinejad needles Obama on his inexperience. Ahmadinejad also said to Obama condescendingly, "We hope that you will avoid interfering in Iran's affairs and somehow express your regret so that the Iranian nation can become aware of your regret."

President Obama, are you finally getting the message? Ahmadinejad and Khamenei are telling you to take your engagement and put it where the moon don't shine.

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