Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hudak Chosen New Ontario Tory Leader

Tim Hudak has been chosen the new leader of Ontario's Progressive Conservative Party. He succeeds John Tory who resigned last March after failing to win a by-election.

Hudak, 41, has been a member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario since 1995. He held several Cabinet portfolios in the Tory governments of both Mike Harris and Ernie Eves.

It is worth noting that Harris (who led the Tories to back to back majority governments in Ontario in 1995 and 1999) endorsed Hudak which gives him cred amongst Ontario conservatives.

Hudak has said, "I'm somebody who doesn't believe that we need to choose between being conservatives and winning general elections."

Hudak also wants to abolish the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.

This will undoubtedly be music to the ears of Mark Steyn.

The next Ontario election will take place in October 2011.

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