Saturday, June 6, 2009

Who Will Go First? Gordon Brown or Manny Acta?

I am wondering who will go first. Gordon Brown as Prime Minister of Britain or Manny Acta as manager of the Washington Nationals?

The expenses scandals by British MPs, especially Labour ones, have resulted in cabinet ministers resigning left, right and centre. After local elections on Thursday, Labour no longer is in control of any county councils. Now, Brown is being called on to resign.

Meanwhile, the Washington Nationals have lost nine of their last ten games and own the worst record in MLB at 14-39. With the season nearly a third over the Nationals are on a pace to equal the 1962 New York Mets who finished their inaugural season with a record of 42-120. This does not bode well for Nationals manager Manny Acta. No, it's not all his fault but they can't up and trade everyone all at once. Earlier this week, Nationals pitching coach Randy St. Claire was fired and replaced by Steve McCatty. How far behind can Acta be in joining St. Claire on the unemployment line?

I suppose they could just switch jobs. Brown couldn't make the Nationals worse than they already are while Acta couldn't run Britain into the ground any further than it already is.

It wouldn't surprise me if both of them were gone by Monday.

But if I had to bet I am inclined to think the patience of the Nationals will wear out faster than the stubborness of Brown. So I think Acta will be gone first.

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