Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shooting at National Holocaust Museum in DC

There has been a shooting at the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.

A man walked into the museum with a rifle and shot a security guard. The man with the rifle was also apparently shot as well possibly by Park Police. Both men have been hospitalized. A third person who was injured by flying glass was also hospitalized.

Obviously at this point we don't yet know the identity of the shooter. But unless the shooter had a specific beef with the security guard what are the odds of a shoot up at the National Holocaust Museum not being somehow motivated by anti-Semitism?

Is the shooter a Muslim? I ask because let us not forget about Private William Long who was murdered on June 1st by a Muslim angry with the U.S. military. If there are Muslims in the United States willing to kill our soldiers on our soil then why wouldn't they be willing to fire shots in the Holocaust Museum?

If the shooter is a Muslim look for the MSM to clam up just like they did with Long. But if the shooter is a middle aged white, Christian male there will be chatter. Yet I still think there will be an effort to downplay anti-Semitism as a factor in the shooting. But as always we shall see.

If there is good news in this nobody else was injured and the museum was quickly evacuated.

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