Monday, June 15, 2009

Ignatieff Threatens to Bring Down Canada's Conservative Government on Friday

Michael Ignatieff, the leader of Canada's Liberal Party, has threatened to bring down the Conservative minority government of Stephen Harper unless the government meets these demands:

a) Amends eligibility requirements for Employment Insurance;
b) Reports on the progress of stimulus spending on infrastructure projects;
c) Provides deficit projections for the next five years through fiscal year 2013-14;
d) Explain how it will maintain a stable supply of medical isotopes in light of the shutdown of the Chalk River nuclear plant.

Given the breadth of these demands it looks like Ignatieff intends to force an election although it will be interesting to see what Harper does between now and Friday.

Of course, last November the Tories were brought down after a universally negative reaction to the economic statement put forward by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. The Liberals and NDP intended to form a coalition partnership but this collapsed when a) Harper suspended parliament for 60 days and b) the Liberals forced out Stephane Dion and replaced him with Ignatieff.

Since then Ignatieff and the Liberals have kept the Tories in power. He would have been foolish to take office under the economic circumstances that prevailed at the time. But what makes Ignatieff think the economy will improve in the next two months never mind the next two years? If he rolls the dice it may be a bet he'll regret winning.

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All those demands make sense. I'd love to know what will happen with the Isotopes business or see the deficit projections. Those are topics which need a lot of good decisions and need them quick. I really wonder how Harper will react to those. Thanks for sharing this article.

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