Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Memo to President Obama: The United States is Not a Muslim Country

Yes, the President of the United States said it.

He just didn't have the guts to say it on American soil.

In an interview with the French television station Canal Plus, President Obama spoke of his pending speech to the Muslim world in Cairo tomorrow and said, "And one of the points I want to make is, is that if you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world." (Hat tip to Kathryn-Jean Lopez of National Review Online - The Corner)

Where does one begin?

Clearly, our President isn't a student of American history.

America is a pluralistic secular country founded on Judeo-Christian principles.

We are not and never have been a Muslim country.

President Obama has some nerve to call America a Muslim country when a majority of Americans subscribe to Christianity. Yet we will never see Obama refer to America as a Christian nation lest he offend the ACLU.

America will become a Muslim country over my dead body.

I do not want to live in an America where we are governed by Shari'a law.

I do not want to live in an America where the word of a woman is half that of a man.

I do not want to live in an America where religions other than Islam exist at the sufferance of Muslim leaders if they are allowed to exist at all.

If this is Barack Obama's idea of America then I want no part of it and will do everything within my power (such as it is) to stop it.

If President Obama is prepared to call the United States a Muslim nation I can only imagine what he will say about the United States and Israel tomorrow in Cairo.

G-d help us.

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The Rev said...

The Mindset of leadership in our country is clearly unsettling. In the informal environs of our country the common man is incensed by the foolishness of misunderstanding Islam. T

Islam is not a religiously neutral belief system. The Islamists are antagonistic to any system which is progressive, democratic or liberty centered.

You can't play tennis by the rules and submit to the calls of the referee when the opposition doesn't play by the rules and indeed even makes their own rules.

Not too many years ago an International Leader tried to negotiate with a belligerent nation.

You don't negotiate with bullies. They only understand Power and Force.

Weakness feigned to negotiate gives them an opportunity to establish a stronger presence where before they would avoid expansion.

Read the Islamic Wars of 1000 years ago. No quarter, no negotiation, complete annihilation of religious systmes different than their own.

Americans are disturbed but are not sure where to turn. "What can the man in the street do or say?"

I join you in your strong language
Thanks for good stuff to discuss over coffee.