Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why is Obama Silent on Iran's "Elections"?

President Obama is strangely speechless where it concerns Iran's "elections."

The best the Obama Administration can do is send Joe Biden on Meet The Press. That doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

Biden says he has "real doubts" about the outcome of the election. However the Vice-President also said, "I have doubts, but we're going to withhold comment until we have a thorough review of the whole process."

What is there to review? It is a totalitarian state. The fix was in. There were no international monitors. People who didn't like the outcome were dealt with by force. Websites have been shut down as has the country's text messaging system.

But of course they are going to have a thorough review of the process. They want this news to go away and hope the world will pay attention to something else. If they don't people will come to realize that engagement with Iran is like putting your head inside an alligator's mouth. You will get bit.

Engagement and negotiation with Iran is the centerpiece of Obama's foreign policy. Now it is in shambles and the Obama Administration is trying to save face on yet another ill conceived policy. This is the reason why President Obama has made no public comment on the Iranian "election."


Anonymous said...

So stupid....I know exactly what Obama is trying to do. How about he's staying out of this because the bad guys in Iran are losing this battle. Why snap defeat from the jaws of victory? Do you really want the US to interfere and have the Ayatollah claim that the US caused this and turn the US into the bad guy instead of himself? Really? Are you conservatives really that clueless?

Aaron Goldstein said...

Then how do you explain Iranian state TV accusing the U.S. of interfering? Why did Iran summon the Swiss Ambassador (who acts as a proxy for the United States in the absence of a permanent representative) to read him the riot act?

You would be wise to stay apprised of current happenings before you accuse conservatives or anyone else with whom you disagree of being clueless.