Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thoughts on Palin vs. Letterman

Politics is a rough and tumble affair. Elected officials are going to be attacked and often unfairly.

They will be the subject of crude jokes as exhibited by David Letterman against Sarah Palin.

Palin was the subject of his Top 10 list on Monday's show after she attended a New York Yankees game with former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani over the weekend. In the top 10 list, Letterman referred to Palin as having "a slutty flight attendant look."

Not particularly flattering but Palin might have let it slip by had Letterman not decided to go after her 14-year-old daughter Willow Palin, who was in attendance at the game. Letterman said, "One awkward moment for Sarah Palin at the Yankee game, during the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez."

Letterman replied that he was directing the joke at 18-year-old Bristol Palin. Oh, as if that makes it any better. And to think that Letterman used to be funny.

As Palin points out Letterman wouldn't "dare make" a comment about anyone's else daughter. How far would Letterman have got with Hillary Clinton had he made remarks about Chelsea Clinton getting knocked up? Not very far whether as a 14-year-old or as an almost 30-year-old. Remember that NBC suspended David Shuster for two weeks when he quipped that Chelsea Clinton was being "pimped out" during her mother's campaign in February 2008. In fact, Shuster would have been fired for the incident if Tim Russert hadn't intervened just months before his death.

But since Sarah Palin's daughter is involved don't expect CBS to suspend much less reprimand Letterman.

In fact, Letterman now has the audacity to invite Palin and her husband Todd on the show. I'm sure if Todd Palin were to see David Letterman he would punch him in the nose. Then again he could always get Crispin Glover to kick Letterman's head.

If Conan O'Brien were smart he'd invite Palin onto his version of The Tonight Show. It would be in his interest in light of the fact that he has fallen behind Letterman in the ratings scarcely two weeks into his run as its new host. But that would probably offend the brass at NBC who should rename their network Obama Central.

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The Rev said...

Thanks for the comments. The issue of intense conversations with political lightning rods is common.
This one reflects the corruption in the media and the voices of humor. This is not only over the edge of acceptable behavior for the humorless minions on the liberal front.
Let's get this into perspective. The ugliness of the left and their inability to grasp the depth of the vileness of comments is a deeper reflection on their own personal descent into a loss of humanity.
As a man who strives to live with a sense of honor and respect toward all human beings, I am not above understanding the humor of some who are on the edge.
If a speaker, small or great insulted my family with these dispicable comments there would be Hell to pay.
Let's look at what this jerk really said.
1. A random act of rape against a female in a public setting in the presence of the childs parents. This implication is deeper - force to restrain the adults in the lounge/booth, forcing the adults to watch and listen to the screams and the horror of desecrating the body of a youth with incestuously vile spirit. True evil. A horror repeated over and over in history by truly evil despots and their enforcers.
The scene is before/in the arena of a sporting event with thousands nearby.
2. I am not aware of any father/male guardian who would sit idly by and tolerate such a suggestion of incestuous rape of his own biological daughter.
In a world of men who have not been feminized this would provoke an upheaval of aggressive outrage.
3. The media which allows this disgusting expression to go unchallenged reflects the descent into dehumanizing others. The loss of outrage by those in charge expresses their own internal vileness of tolerance of true evil.

The warning for Americans in this event is the unrelenting, aggressive, and systematic elimination of all opposing viewpoints. Tolerance of humor about true evil is a position which reveals internal corruption.

A final quote. See if you can locate this, "To man as man, good riddance," or "Man is junk." Those who could challenge this jerk, have drifted into the realm of these quotes. Their ability to be without outrage reveals to depth of loss of humanity in their character - truly unsettling human beings.

Thanks for