Wednesday, June 3, 2009

OAS Revokes Suspension of Cuba

Meeting today in Honduras, the Organization of American States (OAS) has revoked the 1962 suspension of Cuba paving the way for its return.

But why?

Sure, Hugo Chavez and his leftist allies in Ecuador, Bolivia and Nicarauga had a lot to do with it. The Obama Administration has softened its position towards Cuba.

But what about Cuba itself?

While the President of the United States and some Latin American leaders take a different look at Cuba it is clear that Cuba's outlook (at least where it concerns the Castros) towards the OAS and the United States hasn't changed. The Castros are no more interested in joining the OAS than they are in having multi party elections, a free press and independent libraries.

From Cuba's perspective why should it change? It's done absolutely nothing to change yet it is rewarded for doing nothing by Obama and the OAS.

At this pace there will be full blown diplomatic relations between Washington and Havana by the end of Obama's term and Cuba won't have lifted a finger except to thumb its nose at its jailed dissidents.

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