Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Zelaya Vows To Return To Honduras This Week

Manuel Zelaya, who was ousted as Hondura's President, in a bloodless coup over the weekend is vowing to return later this week to reclaim power.

However, the country's new President Robert Micheletti has indicated Zelaya could face arrest should he return.

Micheletti's wisest course of action would be to put Zelaya back on a plane to Costa Rica.

Zelaya is prohibited by Hondura's constitution from seeking re-election. He had sought a referendum to allow him to run for additional terms but the country's Congress and Supreme Court declared such a vote illegal. So the military intervened to restore order.

Of course, President Obama who had no desire to meddle in Iran is perfectly happy to meddle in Honduras. If not for Obama's support there is no way Zelaya attempts to return this quickly.

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