Thursday, June 4, 2009

Randy Johnson Wins 300th Game

The Big Unit did it.

Randy Johnson won his 300th game in the big leagues. He pitched six innings giving up only one unearned run en route to a 5-1 victory for the San Francisco Giants over the Washington Nationals in D.C.

He had been scheduled to pitch yesterday but the game was postponed due to rain. Precipitation was a factor today and delayed the start of the game.

It was a shame they didn't play to a packed house. I don't know what the attendance figures were but combine bad weather with a bad team and you won't get a lot of people lining up to get inside.

The sparse attendance reminds me of when Ken Griffey, Jr hit his 600th career home run in Miami last year or when Tony Gwynn collected his 3,000th hit in Montreal a decade ago.

Adding to the significance of Johnson's achievement is that he will probably be the last pitcher to attain 300 wins in a career as I discussed earlier this week.

As Carly Simon sung, "These are the good old days."

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Anderson said...

I sure hope he isn't the last, but certainly the trend has been downward. It seems like no one will ever reach the 511 wins mark set by Cy Young.

It seems that as players' bodies get built up stronger, they break down easier. Starters are expected to work less and less innings, even when pitching well. I had read an article a few years back that detailed how Nolan Ryan's manager had taken him out of a game, in the 12th inning, after tossing 240+ pitches (can't remember the exact number). I think it's unfortunate that we don't get to see pitchers who can work a game without having to worry about pitch counts. But you still are concerned for the health of these men.