Saturday, August 8, 2009

Big Papi Denies Using Steroids

In a press conference earlier this afternoon, Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz denied he had used steroids or bought steroids. He did cede that he had been "careless" as to supplements he purchased over the counter.

However, what is most interesting is that Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players' Association released separate statements indicating the 104 names on the list exceeded the actual number of players who tested positive for PEDs. MLB and MLBPA state that number is actually 96.

Well, either one believes Big Papi or one doesn't. If you believe him chances are you part of Red Sox Nation. If you don't believe him chances are you root for the Evil Empire.

Whatever the case, this news has definitely affected Ortiz's performance. Going into Saturday afternoon's game against the Yankees, in the month of August, Ortiz is 2 for 25 with a single RBI.

With that I would recommend fellow IC contributor Lisa Fabrizio's insights into PEDs in MLB.

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