Monday, August 3, 2009

Thoughts on the False Sarah Palin Divorce Rumors

Some quick thoughts on the unsubstantiated Sarah and Todd Palin divorce rumor.

There is a certain tone of high school gossip that is adopted when discussing Sarah Palin. The fact that this tone continues even though she now holds no public office is very telling indeed.

Whether one claims Sarah Palin is baby Trig's grandmother rather than mother; whether one claims Palin answered the door to her hotel room wearing only a towel; whether one claims Palin doesn't know Africa is a continent or whether one now claims the Palins are divorcing there is a segment of the population that believes these claims because they want to believe the worst about Sarah Palin.

As I wrote last November in my article, "Sarah Palin is the Israel of American Politics":

Those who hate Sarah Palin will go to the ends of the earth to destroy her.

If one genuinely disagrees with Palin's point of view or policies then fine. No one is under any obligation to cast a ballot for her should she seek public office again. But why bring her spouse and children into it? Because the more this is done towards Sarah Palin the more this will solidify her existing support.

Such behavior will also draw people to her who might not otherwise agree with everything she says or does. These people will be drawn to her side because they a) are not satisfied with the progress of the Obama Administration b) want something more from Obama supporters than rumor, innuendo and unfair personal attacks and c) like just enough of what Palin has to say to give her a chance.

This final reason is why Sarah Palin is a force with whom to be reckoned. It is also why the Left and a some condescending conservatives are scared to death of her and are willing to go to the ends of the earth to bring about her demise - political or otherwise.

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Darvin Dowdy said...

Waiting for people to become astonished and alarmed at what the Obama admin is doing and then shifting back over to the conservative side? Well thats an extreme gamble. Its certainly not going to happen within the next 15 months in time for 2010. What Sarah is doing is great. Her use of the term "Obama's Death Panel" describing socialized medicine is awesome. "But" she's also going to have to isolate and attack, head-on some of the huge problems within the dysfunctional GOP. Until that happens, we're dillusional to think that the tide is actually significantly turning. It is not. Darvin Dowdy