Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sweden's Shame

Several days ago, the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet published an article accusing Israeli Defense Forces of harvesting the organs of Palestinians.

While Borsin Bonnier, Sweden's Ambassador to Israel, condemned the article Sweden's government has refused to condemn the article citing free speech. But it goes far beyond free speech. When Borsin Bonnier, Sweden's Ambassador to Israel, condemned the article the Swedish government let the Ambassador hung out to dry claiming her remarks were "designed for an Israeli audience." Members of the Swedish opposition have called for Bonnier's removal adding that she should be "taught the basics of freedom of speech."

Yet Avigdor Lieberman, Israel's Minister of Foreign Affairs, pointed out to an audience in Norway during the Mohammed cartoon row the Swedish government sent a letter of protest to Denmark. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called upon the Swedish government to condemn the article.

Anti-Semitism has become far more overt in Sweden as it has across Europe in recent years. Like everywhere else in Europe, Sweden's Muslim population has grown by leaps and bounds and the Swedish authorities are afraid of offending them as you can read here and here. Last February, local authorities in Malmo barred spectators from a Davis Cup tournament match between Sweden and Israel for fear of anti-Israel protests. The International Tennis Federation was not amused and has banned Malmo from hosting any Davis Cup events for the next five years.

Curiously, Donald Bostrom says he has "no clue" if the claims made against the IDF are true.

Well, the IDF didn't massacre 500 Palestinian civilians at Jenin.

Nor did the IDF shoot Mohammed al-Dura.

Yet these claims are believed because people who hate Jews and/or Israel want to believe them.

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