Monday, August 24, 2009

Holder Appoints Special Prosecutor to Probe Alleged CIA Prisoner Abuse

Attorney General Eric Holder has appointed federal prosecutor John Durham to look into the legality of interrogation techniques used by the CIA against terror suspects overseas during the Bush Administration.

This is a big mistake.

The Obama Administration can insist all it wants that it will "look forward and not backward." It is a completely disingenuous statement as this is nothing more than a political exercise masquerading as a judicial inquiry intended to discredit the Bush Administration.

This announcement serves only to placate Obama supporters who want Bush and Cheney's heads on a stick as well as the to appease the Muslim world. In so doing this announcement will also cause morale to sink not only within the CIA but in the U.S. military. The Obama Administration is making it crystal clear that combatting terrorism committed in the name of Islamic fundamentalism is not a priority.

Policy decisions like this make me wonder who the Obama Administration views as a greater enemy to America. The Bush Administration or al-Qaeda?

Or ask yourself this question. Is placating Obama supporters and appeasing the Muslim world really worth the price of our national security?

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