Thursday, August 13, 2009

NPR Claims Palin "Debunked" on Death Panels

Take a look this piece on NPR's website concerning Sarah Palin's assertion that Obamacare would result in the rationing of health care up to and including "death panels." Their liberal bias shines through as clear as a cloudless sky. The opening sentence stands out in particular:

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin refused to retreat from her debunked claim that a proposed health care overhaul would create "death panels", as the growing furor over end-of-life consultations forced a key group of senators to abandon the idea in their bill.

Refused to retreat from her debunked claim?

While NPR noted the objections of Republican Senators Johnny Isaakson from Georgia and fellow Alaskan Lisa Murkowski they didn't mention that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich agrees with Palin.

Nor did NPR mention that feminist academic and Obama supporter Camille Paglia thought Palin's comments had merit. Paglia described the "death panels" as a "shrewdly timed metaphor."

And if Palin's assessment was wholly without merit then why would the Senate drop the provision from the bill altogether? As Iowa Republican Senator Charles Grassley said the provision "could be misinterpreted and implemented incorrectly." That line of reasoning would tend to validate Palin's concerns rather than debunk them.

If NPR believes Palin's claim has been debunked it should state that position in an editorial not in a straight news item. That kind of reporting gives one the impression that the publicly funded NPR is becoming little more than a propaganda arm of the Obama Administration.

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