Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Favre Comes Out of Retirement - Again!!!

Brett Favre is coming out of retirement - again!!!

Many people are not pleased about it and some want him to fail as much as Rush Limbaugh wants President Obama to fail.

After all, he retired in March 2008 after 16 seasons with the Packers only to change his mind three months later. At this point, the Packers were committed to Aaron Rodgers as their new QB so they didn't want him back with the club. A month later he was traded to the New York Jets. Although the Jets won 8 of their first 11 games they would lose four of their last five games and would miss the NFL post-season. Last February, following the Superbowl, Favre announced his retirement for the second time in less than a year.

But by June, Favre said he wanted to play with the Vikings. Yet last month he told them he was staying retired. Three weeks later, he is now a Minnesota Viking.

I mean even John Kerry would tell Favre to stop flip-flopping.

Now just because people might tire of Favre doesn't mean they won't watch him. That as much as any other reason maybe why the 39-year-old Favre can't walk away for good.

The Vikings play the Green Bay Packers twice during the 2009 NFL season. They meet first in Minnesota on October 5th for the Monday night game and then they meet again on November 1st in Green Bay. It will be interesting to see what kind of reception he gets when he is wearing a Vikings uniform at Lambeau Field and I suspect there will be a lot of TV viewers eager to find out the answer to that question.


Lisa said...

I hope Favre steps it up this season and does well for his team.

The Thrill said...

I don't think Favre will do much for the Vikings.

I think Aaron Rodgers
will improve upon last years numbers and be a Top 5 Qb again this season!

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