Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thoughts on Martha's Vineyard

With President Obama and his family in Martha's Vineyard this week I thought I've been thinking about my only trip to the island.

In May 2001, my older brother Ezra paid me a visit in Boston. During his stay, we decided to take a day trip to Martha's Vineyard. It was about a week before Memorial Day so the crowd was modest (hence not too much traffic) and the weather was pleasant and comfortable.

We took a bus from Boston to Hyannis. Once in Hyannis, we boarded a smaller bus that took us to Woods Hole. From there we took a boat to Martha's Vineyard. The ride took about 20 minutes. There were also boats available for Nantucket.

Martha's Vineyard is divided into several different small towns. Our boat landed in the town of Tisbury. We weren't interested in taking any of the tour buses and instead opted to walk around. There was a privately owned beach that was open to the public that we walked along. Ezra must have taken 100 pictures. I don't know if he ever developed them all. I can't say I blame him for taking so many pictures. There was something special about that beach. If I were ever to walk along a beach arm in arm with a woman that beach on Martha's Vineyard would be the one. After that we ambled into town where we spent the balance of the afternoon before making our way back to Boston.

I've never been back there since. Not that I wouldn't go back but I would not recommend going to Martha's Vineyard for a day trip. When I want to get away from Boston for the day I usually take a train up to Walden Pond or to the North Shore. I remember how exhausted Ezra and I were when we got back to my apartment late that evening and can't imagine how exhausted we would have been during peak season with heavy traffic.

Martha's Vineyard (and the Cape in general) is much better suited for an overnight or weekend respites. Of course, if you're the President of the United States and have between $35,000 and $50,000 to spend you can stay on the island for the whole week. Hey, what's $50,000 of his own money when President Obama tells Congress to spends trillions of ours.

Or put it this way. If Sgt. Crowley wanted to have another beer with President Obama and Professor Gates I don't think he could afford the glass.

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