Friday, August 28, 2009

Harper Appoints NDP Premier as Canadian Ambassador to the U.S.

Last night, I found out that Manitoba Premier Gary Doer had resigned after 10 years on the job.

Today, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has appointed Doer as Canada's new Ambassador to the United States.

While it is unusual for a Conservative Prime Minister to appoint an NDPer to a diplomatic post it is not unheard of. Brian Mulroney appointed former Ontario NDP leader Stephen Lewis as Ambassador to the UN in 1984.

I think it's a gesture to President Obama. Appoint a left of centre politician to the post. Smart. It also increases the probability of Harper gaining a political ally in Manitoba. Whoever the NDP chooses to fill Doer's shoes is going to have a tough time. Doer governed as a moderate centrist and was largely successful because of that image. After all, he was thrice elected Premier. Now that he will leave office, the Conservatives in Manitoba have their best chance in getting back to power in a decade.

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