Thursday, August 13, 2009

NY Times Chastises Palin For Not Letting "Death Panel" Comment Die a Natural Death

The New York Times today blasted Sarah Palin for her continued insistence that Obamacare would result in the creation of "death panels":

Former Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, refusing to let her recent remarks about overhauling the health care system die a natural death, said on Thursday that Democratic proposals would indeed lead to “health care rationing,” and that sick, elderly and disabled people would suffer the most under such a system run by “government bureaucrats.”

Yet as Glenn Thrush noted yesterday on, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is soliciting donations by repeating the "death panel" comment.

President Obama also commented on Palin's "death panel" comment during the health care town hall meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

So who exactly is refusing to let Palin's comment die a natural death?

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