Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Miss California Will Lose Crown After All

Nearly a month after Donald Trump spared Carrie Prejean the wrath of Shanna Moakler he has now flip-flopped and fired Miss California on "contract violations."

Of course, Moakler and company were accusing Prejean of breaching her contract before Trump's intervention so I am not sure what has changed in the interim. Now, I am not saying Trump caved into pressure. That pretty much evaporated after he made his decision last month. But signing off on the firing makes him look indecisive and will create the perception he ultimately decided to fire her because of her views on gay marriage regardless of any statements to the contrary. He should have just let sleeping dogs lie.

Let's be clear. If Carrie Prejean had told Perez Hilton she supported same sex marriage we would not have heard about topless photos, her parents divorce or any alleged breach of contract. But what can one honestly expect when beauty pageant winners are held to a higher standard than President Obama?


Guillaume said...

Wow Aaron likes pageants! I think he is also FOR gay marriage. Congratulations Flower Aaron

bowler said...

Prejean getting fired reflects poorly on Donald Trump most of all; he went out of his way to support her then a month later he caved to outside pressure and fired her...