Friday, November 21, 2008

Boston City Councillor Turner Arrested for Accepting Bribes

Longtime Boston City Councillor Chuck Turner was arrested this morning by the FBI for accepting bribes from undercover agents in a sting operation similar to what brought down former Massachusetts State Senator Dianne Wilkerson.

Even though America has elected an African-American President, Turner points the finger at the man calling the FBI "an organization that seems to focus on trying to take black politicians down." Yes, that's right Chuck. That's why the FBI is in business. To take down black politicians.

Of course, Turner is the fellow who in May 2004 held a press conference showing sexually explicit photos of American soldiers raping Iraqi women. These photos were published by The Boston Globe. The only problem was that the photos were taken from a European porno website. The Globe came off far worse than Turner over that one. Yet as with Wilkerson, the people keep electing Turner.

As always, Turner is innocent until proven guilty but given his embarrassing behavior and now possibly illegal conduct Boston would be better off if he were no longer a member of our City Council.

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