Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mukasey Collapses During Speech to Federalist Society

I just saw the video of Attorney General Mike Mukasey collapsing during a speech this evening to the Federalist Society in Washington.

He appeared to be slurring his words right before he collapsed. I hope he didn't have a stroke as slurring is one of the telltale signs of a stroke. So far he is reported to be conscious and alert. Perhaps he just had a sudden drop in blood pressure and just fainted. That just happened to my roomie a couple of weeks ago while he was in church. Although one wonders if he will be able to carry out his duties in the final 60 days of the Bush Administration. Could Deputy Attorney General Mark Filip be asked to serve out the final two months? Hopefully, it doesn't come to that but it might.

Mukasey, a former Chief Justice of the U.S. District Court in Southern New York, replaced Alberto Gonzales as AG just over a year ago.

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