Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Poem: The Messiah Has Not Come

Here's a poem in response to Barack Obama's election:


So the Messiah has triumphed
What have we really gained
Besides opiates of hope and change
That can only mask the pain

He tells us, "Yes we can,"
Knowing full well we can't
Ever make a perfect world
No matter how loudly we chant

I didn't bet on the dark horse
You brand me with a scarlet letter
Should you call me a racist
I'll say you have to do better

With the wave of his left hand
He commanded calm in the ocean
Yet it takes only the toss of a pebble
To set those waves back in motion

He who we have duly anointed
Tells us the waters won't make us wet
Struggling to stay afloat his promises
Perhaps we deserve what we get

If our time is here and now
Don't expect me to have faith
To believe that mere lofty words
Can separate the wheat from the chaffe

I am not questioning your faith
It is yours for you to leap
But if you are to suddenly fall
Will it be yours to keep

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