Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Frontline Airs Hugo Chavez Documentary

In recent years, the PBS show Frontline has been preoccupied with the Bush Administration.

So I was surprised to see Frontline air a documentary air a documentary critical of Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez. Simply titled The Hugo Chavez Show, the documentary centers around his weekly show Allo Presidente. Airing each Sunday the show can go on for up to six hours. Chavez often berates his fellow Cabinet Ministers who he fires with the frequency of Donald Trump and even the occasional foreign journalist who asks him a simple question. Anything that goes wrong is everyone else's fault but his own.

While there are pro-Chavez voices heard it is clear even from other leftists interviewed that Venezuela is seen is no better now than it was when Chavez came to power a decade ago. This past weekend the opposition won five governorships and the mayoralty of Caracas despite Chavez's best efforts to prevent opposition candidates from running.

Does this sound like someone who is going to voluntarily leave office in 2013?

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