Saturday, November 1, 2008

Spread the wealth around = Spread YOUR PAYCHECK around

Mike Huckabee mentioned on his show today that Obama's "spread the wealth around" really means spreading YOUR PAYCHECK around.

It's frustrating that no one dares talk about the real lesson of the economic slowdown, which is that it is imperative to regularly save; if people had been steadily saving money, all that would happen to those who were affected by the recession is they would be dipping into their savings right now. Not much of a story. Instead, the politicians are promising news ways to protect people from the ramifications of their own spending habits. Until this overall message is changed, people will continue to spend irresponsibly and neglect saving, and we will be right back in this position in a few years.

Instead of buying those Starbucks coffees each week, consumers with no savings should be saving that money. Instead of buying those biweekly fake nails or buying drinks for women at nightclubs, consumers with no savings should be saving that money. It's tough to have sympathy for those who deliberately choose to throw away their money on lavish lifestyles, then complain about having no money, while the rest of us SAVE.

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